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Kelly is a Textile Designer Maker who uses traditional sewing techniques to produce contemporary gifts and fashion accessories.

Kelly's inspiration stems from her love of antiques and collectables. She mainly uses locally sourced leather skins and British wools to create one off pieces which adorn the body.

Kelly has a high regard for sourcing fine and luxurious fabrics; she considers their feel, appearance, drape and movement. The fabrics she uses will determine a garment. Her interest in materials has been relentless and she adores how fabric, when used correctly, can produce an everlasting memory.

Kelly is particularly interested in antique lace patterns which is evident in her drawing style. Kelly is motivated by methods of print consisting of simple confident marks made with continuous line drawings, mono prints, stitch drawings and cut work.

Kelly applies vinyl, embroidery and embellishments to both cloth and leather to complement its surface qualities. She enjoys experimenting whilst trying to anticipate what the results will be; happy mistakes lead to new ideas. 


Kelly is enthusiastic about sharing and communicating her love of textiles and making with others. Her skills are shared through teaching and working as freelance designer.

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